My love for any breathing animal has been my life, my soul: what puts me in a state of endless possibilities.

My name is Tiamat and I started this blog as a way to share what I’ve learned through and about animals and share often. Share everything I can find, and inspire connection between humans and animals.

I’ve always had animals around me in my life. If not, I went out of my way to be surrounded by them to seek connection, knowledge, and fun.

The key to my future with animals, started when I bought my horse, Oliver. I paid every penny that it took to keep a horse while going through middle and high school at the same time. I gentled a few mustangs during these years, through a volunteer program with the BLM and Kathy (owner and manager of Windhorse Ranch in Sebastopol, California).

This required me to acknowledge the sensitivity and ability to be subtle with your body language (something ignored by most humans) that is key in training. It completely changed my view on communication. Windhorse Ranch is the place that truly offered me the opportunity to perform at a Parelli (www.parelli.com) event in Reno! I performed with my dog and horse in front of the Parellis — followed by an offer from Pat Parelli to intern at the Parelli Facility in Pagosa Springs, Colorado!

About a year later, in 2010, I was a working student for 5-star Parelli Professional David Lichman (www.davidlichman.com) in Sacramento California and again the following year. I will always appreciate his inspiration and guidance: he is a teacher I will always admire for his teaching approach and support.

Mowgli, my McNab dog, is the “superstar” everyone hears about. He became a complete obsession of mine! Every day as a puppy, I would attempt to teach him something, anything at all, or refine what we had already learned. This truly made a huge difference in his training.

As natural as could be, even before Mowgli was a year old, I had him and my horse playing together, along with a mustang.

Mowgli standing on top of the mustang, Osha, above.

Take a look-see at what we did
As well as other related, and equally cool, videos of us

Mowgli and I are still perfecting and teaching each other about our different worlds and mind sets. Eye opening!

~ Tiamat


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