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Jane Goodall

What a wonderful interview with one of my idols, Jane Goodall!!

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Moral Behavior in Animals

Humans have a tendency to believe that they’re the best: No other being on this earth has the ability to feel and express the emotions we humans do. We’re just so special!

The video in this post proves otherwise… We don’t expect animals to express strong moral values such as equality, teamwork, orĀ  reconciliation. Yet they seem to do so, even more than humans. Most animals have a very deep sense of equality.

This scientist, Frans de Waal, delivered a beautiful, very accurate and knowledgeable, speech in this video on exactly that.

The footage of past experiments on animal morality is hilarious. I found myself laughing out loud during the experiment with the Capuchin monkeys and the cucumbers and grapes. Oh, and the chimpanzee gesturing to his friend to help pull the food box!

Do you have your own examples of animals doing what’s better for the group and perhaps not themselves?

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Chimpanzee Funeral?

We have all experienced the death of a loved one – that is not the question.

The question is; do I mourn the way you do? Vice Versa? One step further… will chimps mourn as we do over the death of a family member or friend?

See for yourself!

Every being on this planet feels something – there’s no reason they should feel the same string of emotions. That’s what researchers studying these chimps are trying to figure out: Are they “mourning” in the human sense of the word? Are we simply assuming they are?

I find it obvious that a chimp would mourn the loss of a baby or friend, but it’s still interesting to observe and ponder. No matter what your views on the topic are, it’s an interesting video to watch!

After watching this: What are your thoughts? Have you had a pet mourn the loss of another? Seen a wild animal do the same?

It’s a complicated emotion – no matter what species you may be. That is not the question.


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